The priority elements amongst the JSE companies are at average 50% of the target. Transformation is set at the heart of all companies in SA. Especially listed companies and larger corporates need to play their roles in the transformation to stimulate economic growth.

Embracing true transformation will trigger benefits and growth for all South Africa. State-owned entities play a vital role in ensuring BEE compliancy to stimulate growth as government entities. The outcomes of the 2018 compliance analysis from the BEE Commission show very bleak patterns of the pace of transformation in the country. A closer look at compliancy is needed to improve economic growth.

According to statistics, only 43% of listed entities are compliant. Government departments are also lagging behind. Black ownership within JSE listed companies are sitting at 25% average of 46% but analysis shows varying trends. The Agriculture, Transport and Financial sector show the least amount of black women ownership. Management Control on the JSE companies board representation shows 61.6% of white people, 38% black males and 16.76% black females. Skills Development showed some improvement to 39% from 36.79% for state-owned & public companies. There is an effort to improve skills development however assessment studies are required to show true benefits to improve the number of skilled people to access job markets.

Enterprise and Supplier development showed an increase of 14.4% of JSE companies. An average of 60% of scores was achieved by JSE companies.
In terms of Socio-Economic Development, organizations are generally achieving their targets.

However, there has been decreasing in sectors. There should be a greater focus as to reasons any why there is a decline in the companies SED.
As far as transformation is concerned- it is going to take time to see real transformation as companies are embracing the new codes and the many challenges that come with. What’s important to note is that companies should strive to ensure compliancy which benefits them in numerous ways. The key to attaining a compliant score is planning and effective implementation of initiatives. The road to transformation is a long one but the country will eventually see the fruits.